Jan. 2017

SculpSure Is Latest And Best Option For Fat Removal!

DermaCare Brickell



SculpSure Best Option in Miami for Fat Removal



Miami is the city known to "turn on the heat" but the latest Non-Invasive treatment for Fat Reduction is here and it is doing a pretty good job! Up until this point, patients relied on Cool Sculpting to freeze their fat cells away but since SculpSure was cleared by the FDA in 2015 as the first hyperthermic treatment to blast away fat cells, it has since become the most popular option. The SculpSure machine uses heat to destroy fat instead of cold. The length of time it takes to get the job done is 25 minutes which is less than half of the recommended 60 minute cycle for Cool Sculpting. The ice age is officially over and DermaCare Brickell is offering a special to all patients who sign up in the month of January. Call the office or email info@dermacarebrickell.com

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