Our liquid facelift is also known as a "derma cocktail."ANTI-AGING: THE LIQUID FACELIFT MIAMI

What is a Liquid Facelift

Also known as a “DERMA COCKTAIL”, a Liquid Facelift is a technique for injecting advanced dermal fillers, such as JUVEDERM®, Radiesse® and Restylane® to lift and contour facial features. It is not permanent and must be repeated every few months with shorter-acting products, or every couple of years with more long-lasting products.

As we age, the face begins to lose collagen and elastin which contributes to sagging facial features. The loss of facial volume and elasticity also leads to the formation of wrinkles, lines and folds.

A non-surgical Liquid Face Lift can be undertaken to accomplish any of the following:

  • Gentle lift of individual (or overall) facial features.
  • Reduced wrinkles, creases, line or folds.
  • Restoration of natural curved facial contours.
  • A more rested, energetic look.
  • A friendlier more youthful smile.

“The liquid Facelift is like non-invasive plastic surgery!” Says Dr. Michelle Barnes, Medical Director at DermaCare Brickell. Dr. Barnes is known for having a gift when it comes to dermal fillers and injectables!

Liquid Facelift Frequently Asked Questions:

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About Dr. Michelle Barnes at Dermacare Brickell

Dr. Michelle Barnes is one of the best cosmetic physicians in town.  As a result, she will guide you to get your best and most natural rejuvenation treatment in Miami according to your needs and desires. She obtained her degree from the University of Miami Medical School. Later on, she completed her residency and training program at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.  In addition, she is also board certified in Internal Medicine and Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine.