Have you ever been curious about PRP but couldn’t get passed the bloody face images? We have all seen certain celebrities PRP treatment photos on the internet and some can look scary. Well, we have the perfect needle-free solution for you! XPERT Meso Fusion Therapy! This is PRP in a bottle! This non-invasive treatment provides the same results as the regular “Vampire facelift” also known as PRP without injecting anything into your face. This is the ultimate formula for anti-aging treatments.

What is XPERT Meso Fusion Therapy

Meso Fusiontherapy XPERT is a high voltage photo biostimulation and electroporation therapy device. It enhances the transdermal and transcellular transport of products.

The specific pulsed high voltage current produces a cellular electroporation reducing the permeability of the skin and opening cellular pores. It induces the opening of the protein channels on the cellular membranes; this allows the substances to reach the heart of the cells. At the same time the light emitted by the LED is activating certain biological functions of the skin and the cells. The lights are red, green or blue.

Is Meso Fusion Therapy right for me

If you are concerned about OR suffer from any of the below, then XPERT non-needling treatments are right for you!

  • Skin Discoloration
  • Fine lines & Wrinkles
  • Scars & Acne Scars
  • Dark Circles Around the Eyes 


How long does the treatment take?

Most treatments take 1 hour depending on the treatment required. Meso Fusion Therapy XPERT can also be combined with dermaplaning or Micro-needling. This cocktail improves the effectiveness of injected products and results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there any XPERT Meso Fusion side effects?
  • How long does XPERT Meso Fusion last?
  • What can I expect from XPERT Meso Fusion results?
  • How much does XPERT Meso Fusion cost in Miami?
  • What is dermaplaning?


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Dr. Michelle Barnes getting our Meso Fusion Cocktail - PRP in a bottle!